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Textile Art - Examples of Sold Works

This page is to give customers an idea of different themes, colours, textures and an overall feel for some sold works, that can be repeated upon request.  All of my pieces are original works of textile art. 

Retailers can request certain colours for example, a collection of all blues with the shoreline in sandy and creamy white tones to colourful sunsets overlooking the ocean, or to something a bit more abstract in purples and other softer shades. You can request the colours, size, style you prefer and custom title of a favourite beach or scene and  I'll create it just for you. There is no minimum order quantity however,  a small range to start off with whether it's textile art work or textile art with a lamp or two on  displayed together looks well. 

**Please allow for slight differences to any original pieces, due to the nature of my materials each piece is unique with no two identical. Please contact Gráinne preferably by email to discuss commissioned works.

Textile Art comes in 5 sizes ...  23x23, 30x40, 50x50, 50x70 and 960x380 (custom framed) The 30x40, 50x70 and long seascape can be made in both portrait or landscape style.

**My mini textile sized artworks are not part of my trade price list *


                  Large Seascape 960x380

 Above: Long Textile Seascape - 960x380mm


Above: Small Textile Artwork - 230x230mm 



         Above left: 230x230mm                           Above Right: 500x500mm


               Above: 230x230mm                                   Above: 500x500mm



                                            Above: 500x500mm


                                           Above: 230x230mm


                                    Above: 300x400mm in Landscape


                                        Above: 300x400mm in Landscape


                                  All above measuring 230x230mm


                               Long Textile Seascape - 960x380mm in



                            Above : Two portrait style 300x400mm